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A Quick Step for Timber Decking

Most home owners want to have a lovely deck on the back of their house, but those decks are mostly very expensive and takes so much time to install. A very well-made deck will have hundreds of nails, tons and tons of lumber, multiple adjustments and fittings to be done, and hundreds of man hours in the construction. This will be a big problem for the DIY enthusiast since it would take many months or even years to finalize, particularly if you can only work on it during weekends and evenings. The thing is, though, it is feasible to build a timber deck in only a single weekend if you have a careful planning and preparation. Though it can be quite hard, anyone who is reasonably good with tools and have forward thinking will be able to achieve it easily.

The very first step is to make a plan ahead. You need to ascertain the size of the deck that you want, what type of wood you want to use, and what design you want to achieve. Do not aspire too high. Your planned deck should be minimalist as well as practical in order to decrease the construction time and reduce the number and type of boards you will utilize. If you are planning on adding a pool or a gazebo, you can do so after. Choose among the professionally design blueprints that are available online or in hardware stores which will help you know exactly how much material you use, even the nails and splinters. You can search for “Timber Decking” on the Internet. There are cases in which you may be able to order your deck as a kit as well as shipped it to your house. This is of course the most efficient option because the order will include instructions. After getting your design, stake it out with string and stakes in the back yard, and also go ahead and dig the holes for the support poles.

The second step is to check if you have the right tools and if it is complete. Do not forget about power tools because it is important. You will get tired easily if you use manual hammers and saws even if you are used to difficult manual labor, and soon you will find yourself already behind your schedule. You will be needing a nail gun and a circular saw at the very least. You should also ask your friends to assist you and make sure they have their own power tools so that no one has to share. Make sure to treat them with free food and drinks.

Lastly, be sure that you that you proceed according to the plans and instructions. Mistakes will cost you time to fix it again, so get it the first time.

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