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Role of Developmental Editors

Developmental editing refers to the improvement of the manuscripts’ content and its structure. However, it is important to note that developmental editing is completely different from other activities like copy editing and proofreading. Copy editing and proofreading are used to ensure that grammar and the punctuation are well observed in the script’s content. To the contrary, the developmental editing, aims at enhancing the setting of a manuscript, the pace, its plot and the characterization in the script. Despite the professionalism required in this field, there are barely no rules that the editors should observe but instead, the editor’s experience and expertise determines the outcome of the manuscript. The experience of the editors can be acquired from their life experience generated from occurrence of the activities that can be written on the manuscript. Additionally, the developmental editors should be good and heavy readers of scripts and books, in order to understand the standard requirements of a good manuscript.

The developmental editors often carry out at least one round of developmental editing before the publishing of any book. The content editing can result to many changes in the content. The changes may include the entire changing of the plot. The character roles are expected to shift, since through the developmental editing there can result in the merging of the characters. The process of developmental editing is beneficial because it enhances the creativity and the attractiveness of the content and thus making it enjoyable to read. On the contrary, there is a difference between the manuscripts that have undergone developmental editing and those that haven’t since those that have not are likely to be boring and may even lack of direction and enthusiasm.

Many famous editors are hired to help improve and raise the standard of an entities’ manuscript. Newspapers and magazines editors are the common known editors. The editors are experienced in this field and their goal is to ensure their employers and the companies they work for publish a content that is worthy reading and maintains a competitive edge with other company’s contents. Developmental editors work in ensuring that the content maintains quality have made them to be regarded as almost author it is just that they do not write the initial copy of the script. Compared to the proofreaders and the copy readers, the developmental editors are more closer to the author.

The editors can also be regarded as the associate editors depending on the type and structure of the publishing companies they work for and they mainly found in this publishing buildings. In the urban centers there are developmental editing agencies who offer editing services for manuscripts through their developmental editors at a desirable level of expertise. The developmental editing agencies through their editors offer the editing services before the publishing of the final copy of a manuscript and they give the final desired copy of the script.

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