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Understanding The Workings Of Ice Rink Refrigeration Systems

We have seen a considerable increase in the demand for entertainment ice facilities. The pressure is on the makers of ice rink refrigeration systems to provide high quality equipment.

Government has put in place stringent regulations that are to be met by the makers of the systems. Customers expect nothing short of sterling quality on the products they purchase.

The procedure of refrigeration entails the desire to eliminate hot conditions and bring in cold states. Companies planning on entering the segment must possess basic knowledge of how heat is moved.

Normal motion of heat is to a cooler area from a warmer one. Refrigeration procedures take the forms of indirect and direct methods.

A refrigerant that is in fluid form is used in the indirect format of refrigeration. Warmness is taken in from an accessory fluid or brine and thereafter heat is taken out of the playing dome.

Direct refrigeration functions by pushing the primary refrigerant to the pipes that are laid on the rink floor. Though this procedure will appear to be more effective, it is not a preferred option by many rink specialists.

Rink experts are of the view that it is much easier and safer controlling the refrigerants which are potentially harmful in an indirect process. The pollutants include ammonia and R-22 which falls in the category of Freons.

The pollutants have the ability to spread out to the extent of the sports arena. The likelihood of the refrigerant escaping into the surrounding areas is high. Freon is an odorless substance so the leak might escape detection.

Ammonia has a pungent smell making its detection much easier. Glycol and a saltwater solution are the secondary fluids used in indirect refrigeration systems. The solution possesses superior heat transfer characteristics.

What goes on below the ice surface is what determines the effectiveness of the rink refrigeration system. It is possible to know the precise temperature of the ice ground by placing an infrared camera above the surface.

The ice rink refrigeration plant receives the appropriate instructions from a computer monitoring system on how to behave in the event of temperature changes. In the ice recreational industry computers can be used to receive information from as many as forty sensors in a playing arena.

The computers are also used in scheduling of the ice rink refrigeration systems. When there are programmed shutdowns during the night or holidays, energy is saved in significant proportions.

Without a doubt having a proper ice rink refrigeration infrastructure is a very skilled procedure. Seeking the services of qualified rink refrigeration firms that possess the requisite expertise is the only way you can be assured of a professional outcome.

Why not learn more about Repairs?

Why not learn more about Repairs?