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Important Details About the Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Attorney

It is against the law for any dependent adult to be abused and the matter can be court subject. The law protects any persons such as elders, seniors and dependent adults that are living in an assisted facility. Several incidents have been seen whereby the elders are inflicted with depression, and harm from the caregivers and this needs not to happen. In case of any dependent adult abuse, you should work with a neglect lawyer to determine the cause of action .

Dependent person especially the seniors who are above 65 faces the risk of experiencing various forms of violence in the assisted facility. When your loved one is a resident in an assisted facility, you should be careful to find out if they undergo any of the abuse including the physical, sexual, caregiver neglect, psychological or financial damage. There are different symptoms that can help you to know if the loved one is suffering the different form of abuses that have been highlighted.

The physical abuse is one of the significant abuse, and it always leads to physical force inflicted to the resident. Any of the following incidences such as kicking, hitting, biting, shoving, slapping, cutting, burning and using any object to hit can amount to physical abuse. You need to speak with your loved one and find out if they’re being abused and also check on the signs such as the lesions, burns, and the scars on the surface of the skin.

You need to know the details of the person that is attending to your loved one, and some of the most common caregivers include the nurses, in-home care providers, and care-giving staff at hospitals or residential areas. It is the duty of the caregivers to provide necessary attention to the dependent adult such as feeding them, giving proper, observing hygiene, offering medical care and attending to their needs. When you notice that there is any form of neglect from the caregiver, you need to take action, and some of the common signs can include undernourishment, dehydration, bedsores, skin infections, falls, loss of mobility aids and choking incidences.

Sexual abuse is also likely to happen, and you should check for the signs such as complaints of being touched inappropriately bloody clothes or sheets, and unexplained sexual transmitted diseases. You should also be keen on any suspicious activity that is happening to the bank accounts of the dependent adult.

Any dependent adult who is above 18 years should be treated with respect and as the guardian if you should always be the first to notice of any form of abuse. it is essential to follow up with any incidents of neglect or abuse, and you can access the assistance of the leading neglect attorney to get justice.

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